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The TRX Global Control Panel will provide you with complete visibility for your shipments in real time.

Leaders in the
Logistics Industry

Experts in Logistics to enhance and optimize the supply chain of our clients.


Get support from a team dedicated and committed to your global shipments to reduce transit times and deliver in the best possible conditions.

We deliver, no excuses.

  • 1945 Tons per year
  • 5155 Shipments per year
  • 98.5% Transit time compliance
  • 100% Compliance invoice as quoted

98.5% transit time compliance and 100% compliance invoice as quoted are TRX Global commitment.
Only possible by TRX Global motto: No excuses

Services We Provide

TRX Global offers competitive rates with top quality services in sea freight, air freight and ground transportation. All of these services are enquired and managed though a top of the notch software within the logistics industry.

Find the benefits and advantages of working with us and confirm by yourself that we provide global solutions in real time.

Services and Technology

Manage all shipments using a control panel. Our dedicated team of logistics experts will be in charge of monitoring at all times.

At TRX Global Logistics we are committed to working on prevention of illegal activities, corruption and bribery by applying security requirements and compliance with legal requirements in our daily activities, minimizing with them the risk along the supply chain, offering safe logistics services and always improving our services.

Access quotes in real time with different options of routes, transit times and costs

Track your shipments in real time, accessing their photos and videos

Personalize the reports you need, as well as the frequency you need them. The reports are downloaded automatically from the system with just one click

Access in real time your invoices and confirm that what was billed is exactly what was quoted, no hidden or added costs

Our Offices

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Mexico City, Mexico

Av. Río consulado 3075 piso 4
Col. Peñon de los Baños,
Alcaldia Venustiano Carranza,
Ciuda de México, CP 15520.

+52 5551350560

Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juarez
Almacen #5, México D.F., México.


Shanghai, China

2nd Floor, No 6 6 Building
Shiwan Road, Pudong Distrit

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