Software in Real Time

Visibility and Management in Real Time

Integral Global Service

TRX Global transports your cargo using our supplier network and own offices around the globe.

Laptop TRX

Benefits you will
have working with
TRX Global

  • A team dedicated to your account with a direct line of communication.
  • Multiple competitive quotes for each cargo/freight delivery.
  • Control Panel in Real Time to visualize and manage your shipments.
  • Daily notifications with the current status of each shipment
  • Automatized and Personalized Online reports via email
  • Guaranteed rates and space availability during high season
Laptop TRX
Smartphone TRX

Many of the current TRX Global clients began working with us through a trail shipment and through time they continued to book their shipments online. Eventually, their whole freight logistic became automatized in our software platform. Our algorithms improve every time our clients feed them with new information, hence, identifying savings in costs and optimizing working capital. Our goal is to automatize your current logistics process through a totally managed service that responds to the real time demands of your business.

Our global network guarantees constantly lower rates with reliable deliveries and improves our client’s certainty that their shipments will have priority during high season.

In addition to the system being solely controlled and managed by TRX Global, clients have access to our web page where they can quote shipments in real time no matter where they are and discover the true potential of logistics efficiency.