Through TRX Global’s website/software our clients will be able to choose their best shipping and adequate method for their air freight.

TRX Global knows and understands the needs and requirements of our clients. Need last minute Air Freight Service for your cargo? TRX Global offers you technology based solutions where our logistic experts and commercial associates guarantee the best rate, lower costs and flexible itineraries.


  • Direct (Non Stop)
  • Consolidated
  • Documentation
  • Packaging
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Customs Clearance
  • Multimodal Services
  • Recollection and Delivery

Everything in One Place

TRX Global will work alongside with your company to create a personalized solution for your shipments that will improve through time. TRX Global has a global network of suppliers which guarantees to our clients lower costs, rates benefits and a reliable service.

* Our clients have access to a robust online software which provides complete visibility and control over the logistics process. All of our clients’ information is securely stored within our private network.

TRX Global technology software will provide our clients the independence to gather ideas to enhance the logistics of their shipments through maps and visual details, any person within our clients’ team will be able to visualize in and easy and quickly manner the current status of their shipments.

TRX Global has an expert team in logistics and supply chain available for all your shipments needs.

TRX Global is the best option for your business.